How To Hang LED Strip Lights Without Damaging Wall ?

How To Hang LED Strip Lights Without Damaging Wall ?

Discover the ultimate guide to hanging LED strip lights without damaging your walls. Learn about innovative, renter-friendly methods, easy-to-follow tips, and essential tools for a hassle-free installation. Perfect for enhancing any space with modern lighting!

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on LED strip lights. These slender, flexible lights have become a popular choice for adding ambient lighting to any space. Their appeal lies in their versatility; they can be placed under cabinets, along hallways, or around mirrors, enhancing the aesthetic of any room. However, one common challenge is hanging them without causing damage to walls. This can be especially concerning for renters or those with freshly painted walls. Throughout this guide, we’ll explore various methods to overcome this hurdle, ensuring you can enjoy the allure of LED strip lights without compromising your walls.


    • Necessary tools and materials: Before starting, gather all the necessary tools and materials. You will need a measuring tape to measure the length of the area where the LED strip will be placed. A pair of scissors or a sharp blade is essential for cutting the LED strip at the marked points. Ensure you have the correct type of adhesive (if not using a self-adhesive strip), connectors, and a power supply compatible with your LED strip.

  • Preparing the wall and lights: Start by cleaning the surface of the wall where the LED strip will be placed. A clean, dry, and smooth surface ensures better adhesion. If painting is required, do it a few days in advance to allow proper drying. Next, unroll the LED strip, test it to ensure it's working, and then measure and cut it to the desired length, being careful to cut only along the marked cutting lines.

Hanging Methods

    • Adhesive hooks or clips: For a non-permanent and wall-friendly solution, adhesive hooks or clips can be used. They come in various sizes and are simply stuck onto the wall. The LED strips then hang from these hooks or are secured by the clips. It's important to ensure that the adhesive strength matches the weight of the LED strips to avoid falling.

    • Removable adhesive tapes: A popular choice for renters, removable adhesive tapes offer a balance between secure installation and easy removal. These tapes, typically double-sided, are applied directly to the back of the LED strips and then pressed against the wall. They hold the lights in place without the need for drilling or nailing.

  • Magnetic strips: For an innovative and adjustable method, magnetic strips are ideal. These involve attaching one side of a magnetic strip to the wall and the other to the LED strip. The magnetic attraction keeps the lights in place and allows for easy repositioning or removal without any wall damage.

Tips and Maintenance

    • Installation tips and safety: Begin by ensuring the area is free from water and the power is off. Measure the space where the LED strip will be placed and cut the strip to the needed length at the designated cut marks. When connecting the strips, ensure the connectors are tightly fitted. Use a level to align the strips straight. Avoid overlapping the LED strip as it can cause overheating.

  • Maintaining and safely removing the lights: For maintenance, regularly dust off the LED strips and check for any loose connections. If the lights dim or flicker, check the power supply and connections. To safely remove the LED strips, gently peel them off starting at one end, using a hairdryer to loosen the adhesive if necessary. Carefully remove any residual adhesive from the wall with a gentle solvent to avoid paint damage.


In conclusion, this post has provided a detailed guide on how to hang LED strip lights without damaging walls, covering essential tools and materials, various hanging methods, and maintenance tips. We've explored the use of adhesive hooks, removable tapes, and magnetic strips, each offering a unique solution for different situations. Remember, the key to a successful installation lies in careful planning and gentle handling. I encourage you to try these methods to add a touch of brightness and creativity to your space, all while preserving the integrity of your walls. Embrace the versatility of LED strip lights and enjoy the transformation they bring to your environment.

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