Strip Lights

If you don't want to cut or use a pin connector in corners, you can bend the strip lights, as demonstrated in the picture below. Avoid folding the strip lights on the bulbs as it may cause overheating or damage the product's lifespan.

  • All our Wi-Fi strip lights work with 2.4G internet only. Please set a different SSID for the 2.4G Wi-Fi and 5G Wi-Fi if you have a dual-band router.
  • The Wi-Fi signal should be strong. Please take the LED light strip closer to the router or reboot your router.
  • Type in the correct Wi-Fi password. Make sure there is no space in the last character, and no special settings(eg. Mac address filtering) on your router.
  • Reset the strip light.
  • Enable your phone hot spot and test if the strip light will work with it.

Alexa works only when the device is connected to the internet properly. So please check if the strip light is connected to the internet or not.

1.RGB strip lights can be trimmed along the indicated golden marks. Please note that the trimmed strip sections won’t turn on without an electrical power supply. We suggest using pin connectors to link the trimmed sections to the original strip. (pin connectors not included).

2. RGBIC strip lights are not cuttable because the LEDs are controlled by individual IC chips. If trimmed, the strip lights will stop working, or their overall performance will be affected.

We have waterproof and non-waterproof LED strip lights. However, the power adapter are not waterproof.

Please refer to the product specs or selling page to determine if your lights are resistant to water. It is recommended to use waterproof strip lights under eaves.

If you purchased multiple strip light units of the same model, you can use the same remote to control them one at a time. Due to the directional characteristics of the IR receiver, you cannot control multiple strip light units with one remote.

The operating temperature range for the strip lights is -20° to 40°C (-68° to 104°F).

RGBIC strip lights are equipped with multiple IC chips, which allow multiple colors to display simultaneously on a single strip. RGB strip lights are single-colored.